Full Version: Listing qbasicnews headlines on my site
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I see that qb45.net/org lists qbasicnew's headlines, and I was wondering if/how I could do the same. (I'm in the process of designing a new site)

With Wildcard's permission, of course...
Before the site was hacked, wildcard posted this link to a beta news-feed allowing someone to do that, which still seems to be working: http://qbasicnews.com/newsfeed.php. I was gonna put this in an iframe on the code post forum, when (if) I ever get around to updating it.

- Dav
I think I'll create a PHP script to parse it though. (I don't like iframes)
it's not very difficult. if you want qb45's php code i'll post it.
Thanks, but I already finished mine Smile

But does qb45 have a newsfeed also?
not that i know of. but jason might have something
I saw a XML news feeder posted by Jason (but not quite sure) somewhere before the big-leet-bang of this forum. Wasn't that related to qb45.com? :-?
yeah, but was it for qb45.com? wildcard posted his xml feeder and jason discussed it, but i dont remember jason ever posting one. i'll post something on qb45.net, he visits that a little more regularly.
As far as I know with postnuke or whatever nuke there is automatically a backend.php that can be used to distribute the news, its xml. I based by Xnewsfeed.php on it but the server seems to send the file incorrectly, but there is a semi working xml newsfeed for qbnews ;-)