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ok. i have a nother suggestion. i think this one would require a lot more work then the other one. at the index, you're able to click on a link in each forum thing, that takes you to the newest post in that area. it would also tell you what the thread is called. i kind of explained it bad...
You mean where you can now click on latest post for a particular forum, have it display the thread topic?
Actaully, I think he means THIS. :evil:
I'm not sure if its exactly what you wanted but I found something thats easily installable and will do so shortly.
Well I installed it but it seems to cause a major slowdown in generating the page. You can see it at http://forum.qbasicnews.com/bindex.php. But I don't think I'll use it properly until I can see why or get it faster. Its about 2-3 times slower.
Yeah, that's it. But I have no idea where the slowdown's comming from. =\

Ah well, I guess we can live without it.
It doesn't take much code, but I suspect the one extra SQL call is not as optomised as it can be.
it's a nice feature. We can help optimising the SQL call. If it gets upto a good speed then we can keep it i guess.
ye it would be a good feature, the slowdowns would be annnoying so if you could optimise it then it would be a kick-ass feature
If it is gonna take even close to that amount of time to load, please dont put it in, I dont really see that saying the last thread posted in is worth th far slower speed..
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