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Why doesn't the tooltip thingey work anymore?
Did you turn it on in your profile?
It works for me
Its working for me, is it not working for all threads or just some? As some threads may not have anything in the first 25 characters.
works for me too...
Hmm... it works now :-?
Heh, when I get around to doing it via javascript I suspect more people will complain it doesn't work... so I'm gonna have to leave the tooltip option in it as well.

I was just thinking that I'd make the js tooltip really customisable, but make it a popup window (using window.open) to access the config panel for it, so if you don't have js you simply won't be able to access the panel... wierd way of trying to prevent silly questions, but hey Wink
why cant u implement it just for "previewing" the posts? Instead of using the current system tooltip make a JS based one so you can put more than 64 chars in it =).
Just in case you couldn't read, thats what we've been discussing in the last thread about it Wink. What I wrote above was a little blather about how I could control the preferences for it.
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