Full Version: Topic titles missing
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[Image: download.php?id=210]

Has happened before, 1-2 times, after the tooltip mod was installed.
Never before.

There is no topic title, not even a space, to enter one has to click the "last post" button.

(The red jagged thingy, is just an edit, the image was 1280 wide before.=

*turns tooltip mod on*

*switches to subSilver*

The topic in question appears fine for me. Strange...

What browser, and does it reoccour when you refresh?
IE, it's only every other time, always a different topic.

And like I said, this is only the third time since the mod was installed, that I've seen it.

Seems to only happen every once in a while, and goes away after i post in any topic in the same forum.
Interesting... I noticed that exact same problem (actually it was the same topic too heh).

Oracle? Wink

EDIT: Oh yeah... tooltips are on for me and I'm using that dark skin (can't remember the name offhand... ahh smartDark... that's it)
Never had any problems. I use smartDark as well, tooltip mod on. And yes, I vist regularely.
Browsers, people, which browsers are ya using?

I get no probs with FF. Z!re was using IE

Maybe this is the problem?
i use IE and i ain't got no probs, stupid IE, not even microsofts program
i too havent gotten any problems and the tooltip mod is on =).
It seems to be an IE issue. But regardless if it happens to you can you post your browser and browser version so we can test it further.
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