Full Version: Am I drunk or something? Ghost topics!
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Big Grin

I posted on a topic this afternoon. I had problems with it, mainly 'cause I think the site went down and when it returned to life my post was there four times. I deleted the three last and all was good.

I came back a bit ago to check if someone had replied, looked at the QB in General forum and the topic was not there. I went to my profile, clicked on "view all posts by..." and it was there, I followed the link:


But I still can't see it in the QB in General forum... This topic is now unreachable in the normal way.

What has happened?

FYI, the topic was originally posted at the QB News forum, and I moved it to QB in General.
Well I dunno... I moved it to General but it didn't show up. Then I thought it might have been the approve mod, so I moved it to news, approved it, then moved it to QB in General, but it's not showing up there even...

phpBB Bug! Big Grin
Yea it happens lots on an invision board I sometimes go on, some of the topics on that baord say it's a glitch...It was exactly how you described it. Except that was an invision board though...
Yay! I found a PHPBB2 bug! Smile

Anyhow, the next time I know I should approve first, move then. ( I directly moved it without approving ).
So I guess that ends the discussion in that thread Tongue

Edit: nvm its there now, dunno if it was cuz I posted :-?