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Contact is a first person shooter written in Qbasic, which utilized some of the most popular concepts of the moderm first person shooter. This includes multiple weapons: handgun, machine gun, laser gun, and flamethrower. The levels are designed in such a way that navigating the alien world is easy, but in the same time fun. There is extensive background information provided which makes the game more intersting if you know what the story behind the game is. There is a complicated in-game story line with plot-twists and turns, the story is told through a system of movie scenes that play at certain checkpoints.

Screenshots and a download can be found at http://www.freewebs.com/wallacesoftware/contact.htm and you can take a look at the upcoming Contact 2 at http://www.freewebs.com/contact_2
not to burst your bubble, but H3D has dynamic sounds...that part of the code isn't complete yet, but just to say......i said something a month or two ago about it....

(Looking at contact 2)
What is a true 3d sprite?
Dynamic sound? As in, sound change based on actions? Or as in, left right paning?
Dynamic lights has been done before.
Deathmatch, hehe, look at ANY qb fighting game/shooter... lol

Anyways, it looks cool, looking forward to seeing Contact 2, esp the multiplayer! (I wanna kill you all!!!111one one one fourty nine, hehe) =)
Yes, dynamic sound means panning and volume distance coordination. I have seen dynamic sound before but on my website I said that it has never been done in a COMPLETE game.

I said something on my news page about MUX (I assume you mean this when you say dynamic lighting has been done) but nothing like this, no real time shadows and fading.

I have never seen a multi-computer deathmatch before, if someone would show me I'll take that out of the red font.

A true 3d sprite is just that, real 3d. Most 3d sprites (including most of Contact 2's are eight or four images that depict multiple angles of a sprite (DOOM)). Real 3d sprites are kind of voxel/bumpmap rendered, I don't really know how to explain it, maybe soon I'll post a screenshot of one.
The dynamic lighting is kind of like DOOM's. It has a light map, but a bit more advanced. Here's an example. In doom the sprites would darken if they walked into a dark area, but if you shot a barrel the lightmap didn't change, the sprites around the barrel didn't light up or anything. A moving fireball didn't make any changes to the lighting.

In Contact 2 an explosion will temperarily light up an area, a moving fireball or rocket will create a moving lighted area. A shot out light will darken the area. The sprites will cast shadows on the ground and walls, not true shape shadows, but a darker area behind it.

I also figured out a better way of explaining true 3d sprites: they are like 3ds files in Dark Basic. (Of course they aren't quite the quality)
Oh, multiplayer deathmatch...

Heh... I thought you were refering to single player bot deathmatch..