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Hey, everybody -- It's just what you've all been waiting for -- the newest edition of QB Express!

This October issue is jam-packed full of QB articles, tutorials, news and editorials, totaling to 215KB of pure text. That may very well make this the largest single issue of a QB magazine ever made -- and it's easy to see why.

This month, we bring you a lost RPG tutorial by DarkDread, the beginning of a new series on GUI programming by VonGodric, a great tutorial on Scripting by Chaoticmass, the latest edition of Neo Deus Ex Machina's QB Now! and an ASM tutorial by Peter O'Rourke.

There is also a fresh Blast From The Past! article by yours truly, this time on the Qlympics. Barok has done a wonderful review the Dies Irae Remake by I Am Har Har Har. Adigun A. Polack has submitted an article on his 7-Line Text Screensaver Challenge, and Matt2Jones is back with his Bobby the QBasic Maniac comics. Featured in the Gallery this month is a preview of Potato's tactical RPG, Saga of the Marshes, which is sure to impress. Also, I reveal the winners of last month's Four Line Game Competition and start this month's new Compo. And that's not to mention the biggest QB news section that we've ever had!

All this and more in the latest edition of QB Express! Check it out!
Haven't yet read it (just turned on my computer 5 minutes ago and am in the process of checking all my usual forums), but I find it funny how on QB45.com and NeoBasic you pasted the info twice into the post... heh. Tongue
Yeah, that was really stupid... oops! I was tired and I wasn't paying attention... it was like 5AM when I got it done, and I just wanted to go to bed. Smile

And knowing my luck, I did it on the two message boards where you can't edit your posts. :???:
can i submit some news via email to you for the next issue.

an email addy would be nice thanx
Send all submissions to: pberg1 "at" gmail.com
I haven't got too much time, but from what I can see this is yet another excellent issue! =D Thanks Pete
Great issue! Awesome pete. Big Grin

- Dav
A great issue! Definately worth the wait!
Another great issue. Respect... Smile
Sorry i didn't get the review in in time.....still wiating for some screenshots.....

Meh.....i'll get that in later (just on my site, obviously)

The mag looks good...don't ahve time right now to read it, but i will tommorrow Tongue

Have a good one,

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