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For a while I'm been wondering if I should/could place ads on the main site to help cover costs and help increase budget to host more sites. I'm posting a poll to get everyone's opionions. Here are two mockup/options if theres enough support/not too many complaints ;-)


Please post your comments/suggestions.
Google ads sucks to the limit. Checking the page for words to search for in the ads db sounds smart, but actually it looks at the page every single time it loads (yes proven by tests, by me) and making it some bit slower. Also people rarely actually click ads, so if they still exists, you should try get some that pay per view, even if the fee is way smaller.

But I wouldn't mind a lil ad there.
Does the question need rephrasing? Is it "yes, I DO mind that there are adverts so don't put them there", or is it "yes, adverts are fine"?

I don't mind ads, but put them at the bottom of the page.

And we'd get more click-throughs if the ads were on the forums. They could be put at the bottom of each page (like at phpBB.com) so they don't slow down actually getting the *content*. And they'd be out of the way.
Well, if you know how to do it right, ads can actually give your site a more professionalish look, but above and under the logo, isn't it. Maybe one at the top, and one at the bottom. Or both at the bottom.
If we are going to do it, I think it may be a good idea to redo the layout of the site to accomodate them as putting them above the logo like that is, IMO, ugly. Putting them at the bottom of the page probably won't be as profitable... I don't know about the rest of you, but I barely ever actually scroll to the bottom of the main page.
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That's barely helping......

I wouldn't mind ADs (I always link directly to the forum) so it doesn't bother me. Though they should be...... better. i think
At least try to get the ad colours to tie in with the black/grey look of QBN. I mean, the top ads are great, but the white ads stand out to much and break up the page too much.
I detest advertising personally, so I voted "yes, I would mind!". But since I never visit the front page, meh...do whatever you want. Big Grin I don't think a site like qbasicnews.com is going to generate a lot of revenue from advertising, but if you have a site which draws a larger userbase, then advertise on that site instead...it'll be far more effective to advertise to adults than to a majority of kids.
I don't mind ads.
I didn't realize the problem with the bindex one(2nd one). Something must have changed after I last tested it. But its a mute point, its probably not going help much.. but I may do a testing with it at the bottom for a week.
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