Full Version: Stuff in outbox for 9 days!!!?
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Aren't messsages that you send supposed to be instantly sent? Well I've got a message that I sent over a week ago and it is still in my outbox. I've also sent messages after that, and they have been sent instantly, others take a few days. Why is this?

Thanks for help
If it's in the outbox, it means it hasn't been opened yet. Not that it hasn't been sent.

And quick, delete your double post, before some idiot posts in it and we have to wait for a mod. Big Grin
dude, rockuman, you really have a problem with thumbs

looking at your sig
palms down = thumbs INSIDE BODY
palms up = thumbs away from body

also, the left leg of the guy on the left is too far forward
you should draw the ass before you cover them with pants
so you can see what you're doing
right now his left asscheek is like 5 scale inches apart from his left. ouch.

oh, and that's assuming that the left leg is the one bent forward
I can't really tell.
As Rockuman said PMs will stay in the Outbox until they are read by the person.
cool. thats a nice feature. didnt know about it.

potato: that was really off topic :rotfl:
potato: That was hilarious.... even funnier when you look at the


above his avatar.. the thumbs are messed up on that, too w

hmm.. no, well I guess if it's hands are open, palms facing us, like it's giving us a hug, then the thumbs are right.

(c ^.³)b


Cool, never knew that..I wonder why he hasn't opened it yet :S
Who is "he"?
Here's the last update on the image I'll do for a while. I noticed the thumbs as I was updating them, and I think I mentioned them (in the actual thread that is Wink )
[Image: andyvscammy3.gif]

Meg: It's a spead-armed pams-towards you, double thumbs up, so yeah. The thumbs are right on that one...
Quote:Who is "he"?

Nathan. I thought I would ask him if he wanted something extra to add to his repository...
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