Full Version: Random Word generator
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Thoguht this might be fun just made 1 myself, turned out pretty nice has created various real words and spelt others a little differently, still creates a few jumbled words, but alot are pronouceable and sum very RPG like, let's see what u can come up with!

Rules: Must be in qbasic umm that's all i can really think of?

here's a few of the words mine came up with...

Raokl, Zaoxi, Vicio, Xoile, Goober Tongue, Voomi, Piuno Tongue, Uga, Peatr
Feety, Faist, Vaivi, Vikaoi, Toost, Feamo, Riki, Rauky, Koby(my lil cousins name!!!), Diehody, Easi, Toesujy, Kure, Sausy....

I'll be happy to send out the EXE to any1 that wants to take a look but obviously i can't give out the source.

I'll give til the 12th at 11:59pm your timezone.
hey thats awsome!! ill give it a try
Heh good luck and have fun, it's overall pretty easy.
Wheres the link? I want to try it out too.
i don't have it uploaded yet, but i'll be happy to email it to ya...
Just sent, should be there soon.

I sent it to u as well computerkid.... BTW guys esc quits the proggy and any other keys goes to another page of words...
man this is harder than i thought(im a noob)
It can be difficult, expecially 1 that doesn't just create chaos Tongue

a technique i use is to put all const and vowel combinations in 2 arrays C() and V() and randomly select thru em to get a word


C(0) = "B"
C(1) = "C"
C(30) = "Bl"
C(31) = "Br"

V(0) = "A"
V(1) = "E"
V(?) = "aa"
V(?) = "ae"

it's up to u after this Tongue
The idea seemed interesting, so I gave it a try. I'm very poor at programming, so my code isn't good and it took 2 hours to complete.

Anyway, if anyone wants to check it out, there is the compiled exe and .bas file. If you happen to generate some interesting words, write them here. From what I tried (very little), I got Canadoca and Opel. And yes, often there are too many syllables.
hey nice work...i got a few interesting words... Axopan, Doximt, Bapak,Qudengee,Vadaka