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QB Express Issue #4 has finally been released! This is one truly bangin' issue, and I suggest you check it out IMMEDIATELY!

This month's issue is bursting through the seams with great QB news, articles and tutorials. There's a great feature story on FreeBasic by Blitz, Nekrophidius tells us how to "Beat The XP Straightjacket", Piptol interviews QB gurus Na_th_an and Relsoft, Joe King lists off a few "Pointless" QB Points, and Adigun A. Polack is back once again with information on the QBCPC 2004/2005.

As for tutorials this month, we've got a great selection: Stéphane Richard teaches us how to manipulate sequential files, Relsoft is back with a sweet tutorial on Lens Flares, abionnnn teaches us about Pathfinding, Neo returns with QBNow! Chapter 5 and finally, we've got a special "lost tutorial" on Pixel*Tile Scrolling Engines by the king of RPGs himself, DarkDread.

All this and more this in the November, 2004 issue of QB Express, brought to you by Pete's QBasic Site. Check it out!
Pure awesomeness, as usual. Big Grin
To Pete:

On the overall content of many of the articles — including as well the one about the impressions of QuickBASIC being tested under DOSBox on such different platforms as Mac-OS and Linux — I *must* agree with Adosorken on what he has just said, which wrote..........

Quote:Pure awesomeness, as usual. Big Grin

Hey, even after your motherboard got fried out of shape and all (I am so terribly sorry on that little incident happening! Cry ), you just had to overcome that difficult problem in order to bring out this next QB Express, and so I can truly understand the pain that you went through, man. And now that issue #4 is finally here, I must say that you have really outdone yourself this time, even in conquering that stumbling block indeed, too!!! Big Grin !

My very, VERY big congratulations and commendations to you for unleashing the true courage in you to bring out this issue to make it the biggest one there ever is so far, Pete!!! Be seeing you once again! Wink=b


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Adigun Azikiwe Polack
One of the Founders of “Aura Flow”
Continuing Developer of “Frantic Journey”
Current Developer of “Star Angelic Slugger”
Webmaster of the “AAP Official Projects Squad”
Wow! :o [Image: icon_surprised.gif]

I'm glad you were able to fix your computer Pete! Smile

And as always, this issue really is masterful! The QB Express is great! I really liked all those tuts by Relsoft and the news, as well as the interviews!

Also, I was planning an article for this issue, but it appears I'm too late. About the article's contents, I cannot reveal anything here (PM possible), since it is secret. We'll wait for December then Wink

Keep on the good work!

(About QB Now!, I'll have to work on it for a while, but I think you can run QB Now! Volume 2 from the December issue).
*Two thumbs up* Big Grin

Pete, when I'm a rich business tycoon I guarantee you a job as my PR/Marketing Director (paying top $$$) Anyone who can capture the imagination and motivate the likes of us like you can deserves a medal :lol:
Really nice, i've read over it like 5 times, and i still have stuff to read Big Grin
Quote:About the article's contents, I cannot reveal anything here (PM possible), since it is secret. We'll wait for December then Wink
Your secret project with Oracle? Wink
Heh, my favorite part was the interview with Nathan.

I love the way the "rant" part was the longest. True. ;D
Of course Big Grin I love ranting.

BTW, the code boxes keep screwing up the layout in IE Sad
Use FireFox? ;-)

Sorry I just couldn't resist hehehe.
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