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Check your firewall settings, make sure common IRC ports aren't blocked. If it really is the anti-virus program that for some reason considers mIRC a virus, get a different (and preferably better) client.
seriously.. you would be surprised to the amount of *nix users that runs mIRC in wine (or whatever means there are). And about the most of MS Windows users use mIRC for their IRC chat and that isn't because there is a better client than mIRC. But ehm, to each his/her own.
I always use KVirc in Linux. Too bad there's no KVirc for Windows. Sad
For the chat on my site I use the free version of raidersoft's SigmaChat ( http://freechat.raidersoft.com/ ) - I find it very comfortable to use and you can shell out for the pro or platinum versions if you want more features. The free version comes with several emoticons and some random sounds (*beep*, *harp*) etc. and it can be integrated into phpBB, vBulletin and IPB forums.
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