Full Version: 'Los Monos del Obús' great opening
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aetherFox and me have joined to create this new coding group, called Los Monos del Obús, which will be focused mainly on the developing of text adventure games and Interactive Fiction (IF).

Our first release will be the Quest for Opa Opa. The game is already finished, but we are polishing it because we wanna win the TAC 2004(http://tac04.nodtveidt.net) a compo you should join right now!.

Our future plans include the development of a completely script-driven IF engine that will be ported to QuickBasic, FreeBASIC and Visual Basic.

Check the site for almost-daily news.

Would I be correct in assuming that your parser is fairly advanced?
Not very. The new parser that will be released in the script-driven IF engine is like 10 times better Tongue
Rather, the parser seems advanced. We like to pretend it is, but in reality nathan has coded the most patched engine in the history of programming. Works like a charm though.

We'll probably GPL everything, so if anyone finds something of interest, it's there for the taking.
The monkeys of.. what does Obús mean?
Read the about section.

'Los Monos del Obús' means 'The Cannonball Monkeys,' in Spanish.