Full Version: QB EXPRESS - bad link
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Hey, found two things actually.

#1 - Your front page says that you have 4 issues in the bag. Well, I looked in the bag, and I found 5. There are 5 issues in the bag.

#2 - The link to issue 5 actually goes to issue 4. Big Grin
The front page must see link is outdated. I haven't got a new must see, but will update it tomorrow.

Where is the link to issue 5 that goes to issue 4? I had a quick look but couldn't see it.
I can explain this....

Your front page "Must See" link was posted back before Issue #5 came out, and it wasn't updated afterward.

That Must See link points to the QB Express section of my website, which used to have the link for Issue #5 pointing to Issue #4. I've since fixed the problem.
Ah ok thakns for clearing that up. I've updated it to just avoid confusion, will be doing a proper update soon.
Nice! This really is a cool website. Smile