Full Version: The AAP Official Projects Squad updates big-time for 2005!
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The AAP Official Projects Squad has just now made its *very* first update of 2005 with the following things:
  • • The official Frantic Journey pages finally updated with info on the “Master Course” and an important all-new bugfix in the Bugfixes section there;

    • A brand-new and exciting “3-Week Drill Category” now added to the QBCPC 2004/2005 Extend Edition;


    • Brief, updated new info on Star Angelic Slugger (my other original game project).
You can check out such exciting new stuff and more beginning at either http://dhost.hopto.org/aapproj or http://dhost.hopto.org/aapproj/qbcpc, and I hope to see you there!