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Turns out the name MOoRPG is already taken by some point 'n click rpgmaker thingy.
And it's about time we change from the developement name to the real name anyways.

The contest:
Make up a new name for MOoRPG that somehow shows that it's huge and you are free to do pretty much whatever you want in a dynamic world.

The prize:
Being depicted in-game*

The rules:
Multiple entries are allowed
Entries should be PMed to me
Challenge will be open from today (2nd of february) and run for 7 days.
The winner will be decided by voting** at the end of the contest period.

*How the winner is depicted in game is up to him/her, within reasonable limits.
**The MOoDev team has the final word and can overrule the vote if needed.
Come on people! Two days left.
These might be funny next to the cow and the "It has nothing to do with cows":
"RPG, it does a body good!"
"Got RPG?"
(sorry, couldn't resist)

Here are some more serious suggestions:
"The Mystery of Moo"
"Moo Saga"
"The RPG of Moo"
"The last Calf"
"The MOOing Warriors"
"The Call of Moo"
"The Battle of Moo: When Cows go Unmilked for too Long..."
"And so They MOOed"
How about just "MOO"?
How about this

RPG to the MOOn
Quote:Entries should be PMed to me

Doesent matter though, just would make it harder to steal ideas :wink:

Keep 'em coming =)
Legend of MOO.
The MOO Conspiracy
How Now Brown Cow?

...Just kidding! :lol:

Hows about something like...


Hey sweet name! Epika!

Epic journey, huge place, etc

but, i will requote:

Quote:Entries should be PMed to me

I don't, :rotfl:


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