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Use a Java-enabled Browser to Chat!!!

What do I need to use the CHAT. I run IE but leave Windows Messenger inactive, as I do not like interuptions when online.

leahcim chat well dead.

download mirc and join a efnet server then go #Badlogic
this more most of FB programmer are hanging out

you can also join #quickbasic but now one there now days really use's QB makes you wonder what the point is for the channel though.
Smile I picked up a C++er and intrested him in FB in that chat just a few days ago,. He's on this forum now,. if you on that QB Jave chat,.. very odd tho, I was just playing with the thing when he showwed up... :roll: .. maybe its dead, but it still has a few tricks, heh heh.. :wink:
For A minute I was thinking that you were talking about me... :rotfl:

I have an idea! Lets REVIVE #quickbasic! Big Grin
No, it was Gustav, he's now porting a Allegro Map Editor from C++ to FB,. he has a topic on here bout it, Art'n'Music I think its in, hmm,. ohwell.. :wink: Really cool prog,..

Yeah, that be cool, tho the smileys are hard to see.. Smile
EFNet/#quickbasic cannot be revived. It's just run by mostly idiots now. They talk about nothing related to QB or coding - they just say random rubbish and live in their own little microcosm. Ado will back me up on this. Smile But #badlogic is definitely a good place... lots of people are starting to go there now. Lots of programming talk, etc.

hehe download fbirc http://ratatoskr.dragonhill.cc/fbirc/fbirc0.03.rar and join #badlogic on efnet
I think the QBChat Mitths on, the one with the link at the top of this page ^^, it has no1 in it at all, forget off topic...

Dude, that URL, what is it downloading?? Smile A IMer or something??
an irc client written in fb...
:???: Okay, now it doesn't work,.. what reads a .rar file, I've seen 'em b4...
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