Full Version: Nw Q-Tech Site
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You can now submit your own stuff like Games, Articles, Tutorials, Code Snippets and Weblinks at the new Q-Tech Website.
Visit it for more info: http://www.q-tech.de.vu.
There's some text missing. Here's the complete one:

"Well, I changed my site again. But I'm sure that was the last change. Now the board and the site are one element and not be seperated anymore.
At the moment you can submit your own games, programs, articles, tutorials, and so on.
So, have a look at http://www.q-tech.de.vu and register ( the old member,too, cause it's a complete new board with a new database because the old server crashes)"
I like it.Very much.
Thx guys....to all "QBNewsers"...come to my site and when you like it register and submit your stuff...
Sorry for doubleposting....
but i wanna say that everything on my site is finally ready...i added support for submitting stuff (not uploading stuff!!!) to my website....adding...editing....deleting.
So, come, register and submit stuff