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Please excuse me for my bad english Smile

I'm the webmaster of http://quickbasic.free.fr and I see in my logs there is some english visitors but my website is completely in french.
qbasicnews is a website in english so I said myself.. why not a link between qbnews and my website ?
For example, I can make a link to say to my visitors "If you speak english you'll prefer http://www.qbasicnews.com" and in exchange, qbasicnew do the same thing for the lost frenches Smile

Please contact me : maxime81 AT gmail DOT com
maybe you should email the guy who runs this site.
Diroga, he posted it in the right forum.
Maxime, try PMing "wildcard" he runs this site
I've send a PM to him but no answer, i can wait.
But, you, qbasicnews visitors, what do you think about my proposition ?
Interesting, now aggre on the same layout, wait till i get my server ready and we would have english, french and german in a network ^.^
Hi I've sent you a PM reply.