Full Version: The Not So Impossible Challenge: Screen Saver Contest!
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Quote:BTW Z!re and all. INKEY$ is responsable for the slow down somewhere in the program. If that wasn't in there then it would be fine except for the lack of keyboard input.
It's not inkey$, it's windows XP... Trust me, I'm running windows 98, no such thing as a slowdown. You can fix it in XP by setting the default priority on the DOS VM to high, i think it was high anyways.
Yeah, FreeBASIC accepts it. I can't run QB on this computer. Wink

Just remove the brackets, etc. as rattrap said.

Well I'll trust you but I know from experiance its has to do with the INKEY$.

That might not be true in theory but here is the data I have:

-Have INKEY$ in Rattra's program.
-Slows down from lack of input, Would speed up again if program ran after a key was pressed.
-Took out INKEY$ in rattra's program.
-Program doesn't slow down.

Now what conclusion should I make Z!re?
Same thing happened to one of my 3D test programs.
Very nice Screen saver Shift, too bad I'll have to disqualify it.

It violates rule one: Does not Respond to Mouse input then Exits.

But it was very nice. Smile
Quote:-Must Respond to either Mouse or Keyboard input then Exits

Okay, no problem. I smell a childish vendetta.

I revoke my entry and hope you get more than one entrant.

:o You disqulified Shift for no mouse support? I never remember you saying it had to have it??? Sad ,. I just added mine for fun.. oh well,. hmm.. :roll:
Quote:-Must Respond to either Mouse or Keyboard input then Exits

Remeber that? My first post? I think I was a little vague. It has to respond to both but it exits if one OR the other is active.

And no I didn't disqualify HIM. I disqualified his PROGRAM, he can resubmit a new one. If I disqualified him then he wouldn't be able to submit anymore.
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