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I did BLOAD as a try.. Just cut'n paste from Lillo's docs. Could someone try if it's correctly formatted.

I have reserved the math instructions to start with...

BTW: How about including images in the docs? Just a link as in html? Trigonometry is easier with a couple of diagrams...
I'll take the opportunity given by this thread to say "hi" to the documentation forum, I like the approach things seem to be heading for.
I've had a quick look at the guideline docs, and for the little I know about xml it seems ok to me.

As for this thread, let me say that it's ok to experiment with the gfxlib docs, as long as you don't want to produce final docs... Unless you got the gfxlib.txt file currently in CVS, which will be shipped with FB 0.12; since 0.11 the gfxlib docs have been updated to reflect the many internal changes, so even the BLOAD docs is different in 0.12 compared to 0.11 (the 0.12 version reports about BMP loading support).
So if you want to start porting gfxlib docs to the new xml format, either use the gfxlib.txt out of CVS either wait for 0.12...
Hey antoni... I can't find your new docs. Could you upload them again?

Thanks for popping in, Lillo. XML is really just a fancy word for "made up html tags"... with a few rules attached. XHTML is an XML format. It's really overrated, but there are a lot of tools for handling the data.

As for images, well, that would be an improvement. See, I didn't even think of that Smile. I'm wondering if this should be the usual "<img>" XHTML tag, or whether I should make a format with captions and only one argument for alignment, maybe that would fit better. I'll update the guide next week, I have a report and a presentation to do this week that's going to suck up all my time.

Oh, and though it's not in the guide yet, just add a "<qbdiff>" tag inside the details tag if you want to put any differences from qb. I guess that way it's still details but it can have its own special box or something in the layout.
In Reformatting gfxlib docs I know every change will be correctly documented in the next issue of you doc. Not the same as rtlib, where you have to guess to start, and only changes are announced Big Grin

Jofers: I uploaded BLOAD to the completed folder. I updated status.txt too. I will try again tonight, at home.
That's really wierd... I can't see it at all.

Did you use CVS add and committ to save the changes?
I ha ve tried it again. That's the log in my Tortoise CVS
Checking in FreeBasic Documentation/Complete/kw_bload.xml;
/cvsroot/freebasicdoc/CVSROOT/FreeBasic Documentation/Complete/kw_bload.xml,v  <--  kw_bload.xml
initial revision: 1.1
cvs commit: Rebuilding administrative file database

Success, CVS operation completed
I'm a total newbie in using CVS, but for what I understand it should be there...I hope so..

BTW: Is there a way to avoid sourceforge asking me for a password for each CVS operation. Can the pasword be stored somewhere in Tortoise CVS?

Second question: What would happen to the CVS directory if I setup a second copy of Tortoise CVS at my job and connect from two places? Is this possible or it would damage the database?
First Question: If I knew, I would totally be using that feature.
Second Question: While I wonder what you actually work on during the day now, it shouldn't affect anything. You can even check it out anonymusly if you don't want to write.

Right now I'm on a library computer, but it's still not on the web repository. That, however, takes a about a day or two to update.

Can anyone else check this, and see if the file is there? It might just be something with my computer.
I checked the file in my computer and I can't commit it again, so it must be sent. But browsing the CVS with IE , it does'nt seem to be there...
No... The web CVS takes a little while to update. DrV had the same problem. It's probably there, I'll check it again when I get home tonight, should be around 11pm eastern.
I can't see it in the Web repository and TortoiseCVS is hanging on Incomplete/using.xml... :x

Jofers: In the section of the Guide dealing with using the CVS, there's a typo:
Quote:2. Install it, and if you running Windows 98, reboot.
I don't have a PDF writer or else I'd fix it. Smile Other than that, it looks excellent.

EDIT: Antoni's kw_bload.xml is there now.

I think we need some sort of line break tag for code examples, like <br/> or something...
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