Full Version: Loggin time recording problem?
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:???: Why is that every last one of the new post goto old as sone as I cycle one page on this forum.. Something reading when I get on is reading to many times or something and messing up my login times. This makes it hard to skim thru the post... Pete's seems free of this prob, and is very user freindly..

I dunno, maybe some1 should look into this, it deff a bug in the site's code.. hmm, oh well. :roll:
...I don't quite understand....
me neither :???:
Smile Sorry,. Its like this..

I'n just getting on this morning at 8:32am GMT -5hours, as soon as I click on a sub forum, in this case "Site/Forum Issues" my last log in time of sometime yesterday changes to my log in time to day knocking all the new posts to old or already read...

I not one who likes reading all the post times, and find the icons a very nice way to flip thru the topics.. but when their all switched to old, it becomes a intollerance just to see whats up in the world of FB and QB.. am I the only one with this prob, or am I the only one who notices it?

And its odd, Pete's furom, I can flip back and forth thru the topics and my loggin times stay where I can keep all my unread topics, well, unread, and only resets it when I logout.. its much nicer..
Delete your cookies and try again.
:o Delete, no no no, I'd rather eat 'em!!!! Big Grin

Would I have to redo my profile and login stuff, I mean like start a new one? Or just redo all the auto login stuff, or what? :???:
no. cookies wouldnt delete any profile info. Just info about your login time etc.
Smile Right, I get to that later if ever, I got enough cookies on this thing to feed a army.. :rotfl:
:lol: This site doesn't like AOL,. My login probs where being caused by it for some reason.... I accedently turned on IE trying to pop up AOL, but being lazy I serfed with it...

Tongue Now the topic doesn't knock off till I read it or leave,. whats the diff, AOLs window mode messing it up or something? :???:

BTW, in IE atm.. Tongue Tongue Tongue


im not going to say one is better than the other (becase technicaly AOL uses a modified IE) but, having AOL i can give you one piece of advice. stay consistent. the more you switch between ie, aol, firefox, the more settings that you were used to in one of those goes *poof*... at least from what ive experienced
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