Full Version: Bomerman clone? Again?
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Yes, this challenge is a timed challenge, it will last until March 18, 2005 at 11:59pm GMT -5.

Your Challenge?
----Make a nonpre-existing bomerman clone. Again you say? Well just for fun.

This should be done with graphics + everything, the better it is the more points awarded.

Well get going. You only have until Friday! :bounce:
Hmm, I'm on other things, another Editor (Not BA-SIC MU_SIC,something better!) and SW if I can find good time for it. heh, sounds like fun!! Besides Drifting(me Jeep) bombs and explosions(on screen) are fun! I use alot of "()" in this post, heh, oh well... :wink:
How is SW going?
I've set it aside for the moment to clear my mind and hopefully get a better footing on setup.. I'm messing with a Editor now, check the QB Projects forum.. :wink:
Well, Challenge is closed...disapointed from lack of entries, not unexpected, but disapointed. Cry