Full Version: "View posts since last visit" error...
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I have noticed this problem on many phpBB forums which are running 2.0.10 and later versions of the BB software. When I "view posts since last visit", the board tells me there are 30+ posts so obviously some posts are on the 2nd page. I open some of the posts on page 1 in new tabs and when I try to view the next page phpBB flags an error "No posts met your search criteria". I have observed this problem with tabbed browsing.

Has anyone noticed this strange behavior? or is it my browser acting up? I am using FF 1.0.1.
That's happened to me too. Could you be taking so long to read a thread that your session times out?

[shameless plug]BTW, SMF forums don't have this problem because they keep track of when your last visit to each thread was. PhpBB only keeps track of when you last visited the forum.[/shameless plug]
(sorry, couldn't resist - one of the SMF developers is a good friend of mine, so I hear a lot about how SMF is better)
Smile I get that message too, and I've also got errors on how it reads each time I get on the site, and not when I read the thread... as soon as I get on, go thru a page, my loggin time updates... :???:
I stopped using phpbb on all the forums I maintain and have completely switched over to SMF. Big Grin