Full Version: QB Express Issue #8 Now Available
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Hey, anyone gonna submit stuff? I haven't gotten anything new in over a week!

I still need a game for the Gallery too.

Piptol: That's a good idea. Personally, I prefer reviews written out in paragraph form... but the structured format like V Planet's makes it a whole lot easier to write reviews -- and therefore, more people would be willing to write them. I guess I'll make up a standard format that people can use if they so choose.
And I'm still offering SpaceMerc!

If you get desperate....you know where to find me. Big Grin
A list of games you want reviewed would be nice, then people can pick which one they like.

I'm prolly gonna do a review, I prefer FB games tho, but seeing as there arent that many yet, I might end up reviewing a qb game.
Here's the list I have of games / programs that haven't been reviewed yet (as far as I know).

If you want to write a review, you can select one of these.

Contact me to add a game to the list. Or If you know of other QB / FB games that deserve to be reviewed, contact me. (Especially if the game has never been reviewed anywhere before.)
Yo Pete,

Mailed you an article I wrote.
Smile I sent my Comic too,...

Oh, 4 any1 planning to play Robo Raiders, It requires PDS7.1,... :wink:
Four days left!

The deadline for this issue is Friday, April 15th!
I don't like V-Planet's reviewing structure, and I find it the most biased review system there is. A game review should not be an equally weighted bunch of topics, it should be reviewed for what it is. If a text-game gets reviewed at V-Planet, it's already down 5 points, and possibly another 5 points for sound.

The review should be out of 10, based on what it is as a game, http://gamehippo.com style.

Opa Opa could be reviewed: http://www.apeshell.net (it's FB).
The new V Planet, which should arrive in a few more days, has a seperate section designed just for text adventure games. It uses a revised review system so there's no point loss for lack of graphics or sound.


the final edit of the review was sent to pete 2 days ago o.o dooooont woooorrrrry :P

(opa opa review)
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