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Well I guess I'll hold off on one of my current projects for now, seeing as how this community is up-in-arms about "copies"... *sigh*

I personally don't give a rat's ass if a game is original or not. I care whether or not it's fun. Although I'm sick of seeing the endless stream of FPS bore-fests, an original game doesn't make a fun game. A fun game is a fun game, plain and simple. Making something original for the sake of originality is bogus and stupid. Frankly, SonicX owns your asses and unless any of the whiners here can do better, I'd suggest shutting up about it. Big Grin
ha ha lol adosorken :lol:

Did I say anything bad about the game itself? I am not arguing about the game being fun, I am not saying it is bad, I am not saying anything negative about it apart from the fact that it could have been something else, had it been an orignal game.

And frankly, I didn't find the game fun. Simply because I automatically compared it to the glory days of gaming, where I plugged in my Mega Drive and played sonic and knuckles till the wee hours of the morning. Sadly, SonicX is no way near as good as the original series.

Obviously, you will take the above comment personally, and chances are, I will get a hole pile of shyt thrown at me for this. Therefore, I just won't visit this thread anymore; I'm tired of this argument.


I forgot to write, I know I said above
"I am not arguing about the game being fun, I am not saying it is bad, I am not saying anything negative about it", and then I went on to do just that. If you are stupid enough to call this hypocracy, then READ again. I HAD NOT SAID ANYTHING AGAINST THE GAME. I AM NOW.

You are such a pompous and hypocritical idiot that you make me laugh. I am ROFL.
Keep making friends, man. If you can't stand criticism, you better hide yourself in a hole.
jb, that was completely uncalled for. aetherFox DOES have the right to his opinion. Your insulting him like that makes you look like a 13-year-old AOLer who's just been told off by a 15-year-old AOLer. Grow up, man. :roll: Sure, your game is great and I like it a lot, but that doesn't give you the right to go off and bash someone who doesn't like it very much and gives his honest opinion on it. And that goes double for aetherFox...he's not the right guy to piss off, catch my drift? Big Grin So I'd suggest stepping off in a real hurry. Big Grin
Nek, come on. I just said he was pompous, hypocritical, and funny. This line has to be among the most mild of insults.

Nek, he has his right to criticise my game, and it really doesn't worry me. But, my remark was in relation to an excessive personal attack that he directed at me, earlier in this thread. :evil:

One line of good humoured rhetoric VS 49 lines of personal vitriolic attack?

Whose really being unfair?

And nek, what do you mean about aetherFox not being the guy to piss off? Is he connected to the mafia or something? Big Grin
Can someone lock this topic....
Yeah, please protect the child! :roll:
Pompous, hypocritical, and funny are one thing. But you called him an idiot as well. Now I know that "sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me", but calling someone an idiot without reason is just plain wrong. And from what I understand...you were the one who started the attacking, no one else. Around here, people tend to remember when someone's insulted them and it will show in their future actions. It's the way the place works, so get used to it if you plan on sticking around. You may have a great little game there, but around here you're still a newcomer, so now's when your actions are going to be scrutinized more than anything. Right now, you're not off to a very good start. So as the old saying goes..."shape up or ship out". Dig? Big Grin

As far as aetherFox goes...well, he's a veteran here, so he's got pretty much the entire forum backing him up. So it's a bad idea to cross him.
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