Full Version: Tetris
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I've never seen tetris in qbasic before, but I've heard of it being done.
If you guys think it's easy enough...try making it so that you can win certain levels by eliminating one marked square within a given set of squares to eliminate.
I know the way I put it sounds confusing. But the concept isn't really complicated. Instead of starting with none on the bottom, start with a bunch of lines that aren't filled.
I wrote this one about 8 years ago:


There's also "SB Bricks" by SonicBlue.. Really good game.


And I recall playing another QB Tetris clone by a Chinese guy a while ago. I remember that it had all monochrome graphics, but I don't recall the name.
I coded one in 1998. It was kinda cool 'cause it had heaps of add ons. The code is a pure mess, of course Big Grin

It's on my other comp. I'll post it here next weekend.
I did one when I was about 15 months after hearing QB for the first time...I tried to make it an exe file though, it failed, didn't like line labels. So now program to show... Cry

My code's a mess too, I was a noob back then. The GOSUBs expessially made it messy. Big Grin