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i got a challange, make a wormhole effect in as few lines as possible..you can use any method you want

1.cannot use :
2.code must be commented
3.code must be short as possible

ok, thems the rules.. have tons of fun :wink:
Define wormhole.

Technically you can't really see a wormhole...

Do you mean like something out of Star Trek? Stargate? Or like a plasma like worm that wiggles around on the screen?
I think he means something like the Wormhole DirectDraw demo that comes with early versions of the DirectX SDK. (the spacetime curvature thing with a grid and a hole in the middle)
Nope never seen it
Hmmmm. Try to get your hands on the C++ version of the DirectX 7.0 SDK. It should have it.
Well, I don't feel like doing some 3D right now anyways so this is my last post here, sorry xteraco. :roll:
As far as I know, the wormhole effect he means is a tunnel effect. This has got me thinking and maybe I'll try and make something... but I'm busy with other stuff. Smile

Wicked challenge. It will be good to see the entries.

yep, shiftlynx has it, its like a tunnel effect, i'm just used to calling it a wormhole
I know I said I wouldn't post here, but I think other people might need some clarification:

So you want me to make it look like your looking down a long tunnel? Any animation? If so a spinning tunnel? A plasma-looking tunnel? :-?
well, animations are nice, weather its a plasma tunnel or whatnot is a matter of preference.. the style of your animated tunnel is part of what makes this a comptetition, your tunnel will be judged partly on looks, partly on code size, and lastly, partly on how well commented your code is.. my idea was to make a competition that everybody could learn from Big Grin
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