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The website for Plantasy Studios is now open: http://plantasy.darkwizard.org/

It includes information and downloads for our projects, which include:

* FieldView (used to be MOoRPG) (http://plantasy.darkwizard.org/fieldview/).
* The HTT-rix webserver (http://plantasy.darkwizard.org/htt-rix/).
* TPK - A file packing utility for use with games, with compression capabilities (http://plantasy.darkwizard.org/tpk/).
* MemProcs which adds alot of memory handling functions to fb (http://plantasy.darkwizard.org/memprocs/).
* A freebasic md5 implementation by Neo (http://plantasy.darkwizard.org/md5/).

On the site you will also find screenshots and news about the FieldView engine, aswell as Z!re's, mine, and the other guys' and gals' developer blogs.
Screenies of Fieldview rocks!!!!
Yeah pretty good stuff that field view :-)....And the website ain't bad at all...I like it. :-)