Full Version: What Layout do you use?
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Smile Whats the most popular layout I've been thinking.. so now I'm just flat curious, no worries, won't kill me, I'm a horse not a cat,.... eh? :o heh heh,... Big Grin Human not a cat.... (Horse Human, can be a typo from me big hoo- hands.. :lol: :wink: )

I'm mostly use SubSilver, I'm test driving SubOricle atm..
SmartDark because the colour scheme matches the front page.
subSilver because I was too lazy to change, and now the other ones seem wrong to me Tongue
Quote:subSilver because I was too lazy to change, and now the other ones seem wrong to me Tongue

he he, SubSilver is esier on the eyes,.. I used to go in QBN's back door just to get their tuts with a white BG... :rotfl:

Edit, that sound bad, I really fond where the origs were kept.. :wink: .. with search engine..
I love SubOracle. Its so smooth, with no conflicting colours. Very easy on the eyes, and quite relaxing.
subSilver cause it is well layed out and very easy to follow....plus I'm used to it from Pete's Big Grin
Helius, because the entire row for each topic in the list is a link, so I can be lazy and miss the actual link text by a few pixels and still get where I wanted to go. Smile
smartdark becuase... it's... dark >_>;;
And I've used it forever so Nyeh!
SmartDark; it sits nicely with my blackbox theme and it is very easy on the eyes. Reading white/grey from a black background is so much nicer than burning your eyes with a bright white background. Smile

subsilver's background is not bright, smartDark's font for its text is so hard to read....I get lost....
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