Full Version: Error trying to view any topic
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Quote:Fatal error: Call to undefined function: phpbb_rtrim() in /home/qbnews/public_html/forum/viewtopic.php on line 498

For example, try these:
FB Programming Help -> Playing .wav files
Debate and discussion forum -> NEWBS TO LIFE!!!

I can view those if I click the orange "view newest post" icon, but if I click the topic title I get that error.
The link you posted says:


if you do it without the empty highlight thing, it works:


Dunno why it is there in the first place tho...
im getting the same thing. i dont know why it let me view this post but it does, but when i click view posts since last visit i get the same error
There seems to be a problem with the highlighting part of phpBB, which effects quite a lot of areas. I'm looking into it, hopefully have it fixed shortly.
I've fixed it temporaily, please let me know if theres any problems.
Yay, it's working now, thanks - no problems so far.


yes thank youuuuuuuu Big Grin