Full Version: Why don't I stay logged in?
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On several connections, several machines, several OSes, several browsers, I have a problem where I'll log in and ask it to remember my login, but when I next come to the site, I'm not logged in until I log in or try to start a new topic, where it suddenly remembers who I am and sends me to the forum index.

Anyone else seen this?
because you suck!

scnr Smile
I'd kill you if I could stay logged in for more than one session!
ISP caching?

Cookie problems?

I dunno.
I would think that you don't have cookies enabled, but i dunno. It could be anything, really.
I don't get the problem here, it doesn't sound like a cookie issue. It may be something to do with your local or ISP caching maybe? Not sure.
It's a problem with at least three seperate ISPs.
Sorry you have to get to know it this way, but.. we dont like you, and secretly we all figured out your PWD, and we log in on it and log you out..

Just in spite... Big Grin
I used my 133753r5 haxxing skills and haxxored all your ISPs.

Z!re's joke was better.
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