Full Version: FBIde Site Relaunched
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I recently joined the FBIde team as webmaster, and over the past 24 hours did a complete remake of the site in its new location: http://fbide.sourceforge.net.

The site is now dynamic, allows you to post comments and such to news articles, and has all the information of the old site. The downloads now link to sourceforge downloads, and there are links to project pages and the site is also searchable.

Leave a comment on the page and tell me what you think.
An exceptional site. I especially like the layout, simple, but oh so effective. Now a great IDE has a great website too (not that the old one was too shabby either...). And the RSS feed :-)
I won't repeat myself here lol....I wrote a comment on the website itself ;-). but I will say this....AWESOME !!!!

Is the team of developers now using the c code or the wx-c/fb code?

Keep up the good work.
c++ is used, and aether congrats on the site looks very nice, didn't expect a wp site to look that good
Looks awesome man 8) Keep up da good job Smile