Full Version: Jig-saw puzzle
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An interesting challenge...

Do a program that
-loads or creates an image,
-cuts it in rectangular pieces and scrambles them onscreen.
-allows the user to move pieces around using the mouse until the image is reconstructed..

The program can be made in QB or FB, use of graphics, mouse, memory, GUI.... libraries is allowed, however the "engine" must be in human readable Basic.

You can add any extras: "jig-saw puzzle" shaped pieces, loading of external images, etc...
Ok, say you did'nt liked it! Big Grin
Sorry Antonio for coming up with this now. I was busy with fbImage... had to be finished =). Anyway, I made this in a few hours, so don't expect too much of it, but it works nice Big Grin


Comes with 2 pictures. Currently only supports 1024x768 bmp images. Mouse driven, and if you have a fast computer you can enable blending too. Has 5 difficulties and 2 game styles.
(Note, came up with this late because this uses fbImage).

Have fun Big Grin
You can add more images by just putting them in it the same directory as jigsaw.exe.
Please let me know what you think Big Grin
Great work, Neo!

Your clever idea of using fixed positions for pieces, as in a sliding puzzle makes it a manageable problem. I was afraid of the complexity of using free pieces...

I did'nt expect an entry at all. In fact, after thinking at the problem, I decided a puzzle should have a jpeg loader and switched to porting my old loader.

Anyone else is working on this? or must I declare Neo the winner?
I might after Sunday, when my DT stuff is due in...I'll be free. I'd like to do something for this.

My challenge here also had no interest...oh well.
A long time ago, I made a game in VB called "Slider" which was a sliding puzzle game...not quite a jigsaw but more like those plastic puzzle thingos you could find in toy stores and dollar stores. I think it's still on the LSS webpage but I don't remember...

Good challenge though man...if I had the time or desire to code anything PC-related, I'd enter but...