Full Version: Welcome back QBN
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So.. what happened?
There was a communication problem, my host thought there was a whole bunch of unpaid bills when there weren't. But I've sorted it out with the manager/owner. But I'm not impressed.
That's good that you got sorted it out Tongue , got me worried.
Yup you got me worry as well.

I'm glad QBN is back up.
I didn't notice it go down... Must have been during school. Well glad to see I didn't have a problem =P


wb Cry (tears of joy) hihi
I didnt notice either. Must've been at work.

wc, what kinda agreement do you have with the host?
:x <- Me yesterday..{QBN Down}
Big Grin <- Me now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, among, probly the many, that is glad its back!!!!!!