Full Version: Math Functions are done and Format Again
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The mathematical functions are all done. I am moving on to the Arithmetic Operators if no one else wants it. I am sure there are typos in the pages so another set of eyes looking at them would be nice. Smile

I also added a page on Operator Precedence. It is based on C, QB, VB and my own tinkering. Someone with more knowledge than I might want to look at it to make sure it is correct.

Also on the Operator precedence page, I couldn't find an example to go by using the FBTags. I took my best guess and if it is FUBAR let me know how it needs to be done.
I'll given them a once over latter today, see if I can get some of those gremlins out.
Everything seems fine, very well done, thank you - the introduction pages were great too, thanks god we have a teacher helping us ;).

I'm making back-ups almost daily, no "hackers" will be able to screw up with the database, i hope..

When the documentation is finished, i'll see if i can tweak this wiki script to allow support for multiple languages, so other contributors could start doing translations.