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:o I think I know where this came from..
Well put.
Quote:The moderators/admins
Correction: Moderator and rarely-here-admin

Quote:The moderators/admins
Correction: Moderator and rarely-here-admin


We're here more often then you know obviously.
Quote:Well put.
Quote:The moderators/admins
Correction: Moderator and rarely-here-admin


I'm here a lot more than it may seem, its just difficult to moderate in a way thats viewed fairly by all. I've received complaints from several members who have been subject to unprovked personal attacks and feel that the above just need to be restated. The forum has always been been at its best when everyone posts respectfully, sadly not all members are. I don't want to have to focus too much on negative stuff so am just asking people to be a little more thoughtful.
Ok, I'll take that back and change it to:
Seldom acting moderators, and rarely acting admin.

Really, it's your fault the forum has become what it is. You cant just blame the users.

If we notice we get away with doing stuff, we will keep doing it.

It's just as easy..

And then when you come in, after half a year, and say: Hey, you cant do that!

People get annoyed, it's kind of obvious..

Ever wondered why so many people bitch and whine? Now you know.
Yeah, let's all start personally attacking the admins just for good measure to pin it on them.

you hippy admins
1) Noone is happy with the current situation

2) Admins do nothing about it

3) Moderators do nothing about it

4) Suddenly they whine about it..

5) Well, do something about it then..

This whole situation, with flames etc, people leaving, and a generally bad mood/atmosphere around here is all because the amdins and mods decided to dont give a rats ass anymore.. and left it at that for a period of time.

Now suddenly, they come back, and blame it all on the users.

And dont give the the bullcrap about you expecting more from us, if you did then you wouldnt have any rules to begin with, nor any mods, one admin would be enough.

You expect us to NOT behave.

And you should.

So, stop whining and thinking it will fix itself, and do something about it.

Assign more admins already. Get rid of the ones who dont come around anymore. Get rid of the ones who do nothing.

And I dont know how many times I said this in PMs to you wildcard, PM's you didnt respond to btw:
Assign people who actually come here.

I have no doubt VonGodric is a good admin, but he doesent really come around much now does he, he even admits it himself. And dont read this as an attack on either one of you, it isnt.

Now, if we start breaking down to the regulars so we have something to pick from, something me and VonGodric did over MSN when we talked about it, we get:

Sterling - Comes around every now and then

v3cz0r - He rarely visit anymore, and I doubt he bothers to read any forums beside the FB ones

lillo - He visits.. the FB section

Whitetiger0990 - Who is gonna be the first one to say: He's just 14?

Neo - Comes around, but would probably be too nice for the admin/mod position, and wouldnt do anything

VonGodric (Yes, I know!) - Same as Neo, though VG didnt come around much before. And when he did it was mostly for FBIDE

Oracle - Where is he anyways?

Fling-master - So what have you done the past 6 months while QBN has been sinking?

Dav - rarely here

Wildcard - Sure, you're here.. so? You dont do anything.. Going down with the ship?

Jocke The Beast - Visits every now and then

Antoni Gual - Same

And now for the more interessting candidates:
Me - I know I come around, and I know I'm a good admin, others know this too, if you (wildcard) would bother asking

Adosorken - Oh, ya, he left cause this place sucks.

Na_th_an - Oops, he left too..

Plasma - Damn...

Jofers - Still active in the FB documentation section

And dont give me the: So I guess we just let everyone do whatever they want then!
It's just stupid.

I know it's hard, being an admin sucks, you get all the bashing, everyone complains and never any reward.

All I have to say is: Dont like it, quit.

If you do not quit however, make sure you do something about this!
It should have been taken care of 4-6 months ago.

You're late!

And I'm not saying this to be mean, or to pick on anyone, or to start a flamewar..

I'm just stating the situation.. and it sucks.

Do something about it, make QBN be the place it used to be.

EDIT: If you want me to, I can gather (anonymous) quotes from various QBN regulars, speaking their mind. Somethiing they dont want to do on the board.

You would be surprised.

EDIT 2: The names here are from memory, I just remembered a few more that could suit as admins, I wont add them though, it doesent matter.. I think I've made my point. If I havent:
wildcard, set aside personal disslike, do you want to save QBN or not?

The "Board-wide Policies" are quite explicit and up to date. You and the moderators having been doing a very good job, which is not easy. You have to walk a fine line between being too strict and too lenient.
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