Full Version: Have we made a decision?
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seems most went to tbn, that is everyone except the 5 or 6 people who opened new forums... :roll:
fbtk was always sort of the underdog, maybe it should stay that way Tongue
I don't think any site is the underdog. Every site just provides there own view on the community and it's everyone's choice whether they want to go to it or not.
I'd go to Freebasic.net

See you there!
yes i'd also suggest to go to fb.net for your fb belongings. tbn is nice to but everyone know bad-logic is the r0x0rz. new meaning of life is 45[/url]
I guess we can stick around here if wildcard is selling the site.

Just hope the new owner's name doesnt' begin with "Mike" and end with "Doise".
Lol, me too.

qb71.com... makes you cringe..
Oh, man, you're right, it's even worse now.
I offered to make a better logo & stuff for that site, but he never replied. :lol:

did you even -read- the rules?!? it said you had to put a warning on somethign like that! sheeesh. ahh... yowch

I've done the same. I don't think he's planning to keep it up.

Meanwhile Qb*45*.com is just about done recovering...
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