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I just would like to annouce that I've now passed on the running of the site to sumojo. Its currently being transferred, i.e. I am no longer owner or admin. I'm sure he'll post shortly with more information.

I just would like to say many thanks and goodbye(from this perspective) to all the people who have visited here over the years and have made this place what it is. I am sorry for the way the last few days have been handled but its now out of my control. I am not actually leaving the scene/community but will just not be around much(not that I have been).

Thanks and I hope you join me in wishing the best for new owner and moderators.

Farewell wc.

Good luck with whatever you might undertake.

No hard feelings, you will be missed.

Welcome Sumo, dont fark up! Big Grin
I'll be trying my best.

For those rumors that I've heard going around of those worried about this place turning into another qbtk or fbtk, don't worry. For the most part this site and its rules will stay the same. If any change is made it will be slight and unnoticeable.

Hosting will be moved soon, updates will be posted when to expect the transition.
WC, any reason for leaving

sorry if i missed it if you said it earlyer
Is it a coincidence that Sumo Jo has 666 posts at the moment? I think not! Wildcard has made a deal with the devil!

Quick, gather your crosses and bibles!
Hey... Good luck to you Smile

You wanna go back to running qb45.com Big Grin
Well, I'm glad you are going to remain in the community.

BTW, I'm still waiting for that feedback on LONG demo from you. Tongue
And the final torch is extinguished...

So, all original Future.Basic members are now gone, wildcard being the last, all previous replacement members are now gone, myself being the last.

An era closes, and era ends...
...will it begin again? That all depends.
Heh. I've been around in some form or other since the late 1990's. Just not at this site. I've seen people come and go, etc etc.

Goodbye, wildcard! thanks for keeping the community together. see you around. Welcome, sumojo!

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