Full Version: 100% ASCII based mini rpg.
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Anybody up for the challange?

It can be QB or FB. Preferably FB since I officially killed all QB development last night when I last restored my system.

It can be of anything you want. Have anything. But it must be playable. They will be put to the vote and results published both here and in QBExpress, probably not the next forthcoming one, probably the one after. Depends. Smile

Competition runs 14 days from now: 28/06/05.

submit entries in ZIP or RAR format to anarkynet@hotmail.com

Have fun!

Oh I see.

You don't care.

fbtk has been running a rogue-like compo for a while now, which is very, very similiar to what you are trying to do here.

Wel fine. I withdraw my comp.

Too bad you withdrawed the comp, I'd join it...
It's not too late to join the rogue-like compo there.
Welcome, anarky, to what I will now dub the "Glenn signature movement"! 8)