Full Version: Blobworld Comics Relaunched
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I've done it again! Filled up someone else's news page with my spam.

Some of you remember Seph's Blobworld comics, some may not. But head over to http://www.qbasicnetwork.com and navigate your way to Blobworld.

When the DNS updates, head over to http://www.blobworldcomics.tk. That will bypass my site. But, why would you want to?

I just read them all. #1 was the funniest, and #5 was good too. The rest of them were pretty "meh," but then again, I've never really thought the Blob World comics were all that funny.
I read them... It was between #3 & 9, but, #9 wins my vote.. :lol: .. like, I wish a social life was that easy..
I chose #9 because it parallels my current life. Smile
Great to see some feedback! Episode 10 isn't too far away now I have the infrastructure .com setup.

>anarky - Episode 302158117.. minutes old.