Full Version: The Griffon Legend has been released.
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It's a COMPLETE! (heh...one of my only completed projects ever, caugh!) FreeBasic + SDL action rpg. Check it out at http://syn9.thingie.net

I quote myself:

Quote:Man, I just tried out this beauty and I have to say: This is the best fb game yet and in my opinion it's as good as (or even better) then Ped Xing's Quest (which has been my favourite qb game). The gameplay is a freaking great (no boring FF-battles that is as fun as going to the dentist) and the level desgin and music is far out!

Go and download (and please take the music-version if you got enough connection-juice) now!!!

Great work syn9!
yeah all my thumbs up it's great i want a sequel :p
Me too!

This game is the best happy surprise since Freebasic 8)
very nice, reminds me of the SNES days.

i got stuck on the first map in the upper left corner.
thanks, have you gotten unstuck?
Try to attack (using space_bar) if you get stuck. It has happend to me also but attacking a few times (making the player jump) helps.
i didnt not get unstuck even after jumping like mad all over.
i also go stuck in the smae corner in the map to the right of the bridge.
I didn't like the idea behind it too much. Great work anyway.