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Episodes 10a and 10b released. Also a minor update to the main site.

Um. . . You have 2 "yes" answers on the poll. . . I thought it was pretty funny, myself. It makes bank robbery so much easier when everybody assists you rather than simply cooperating.
yeah...don't be so hard on yourself...(if you need reassurance, look at the qb horse humor (I did not just say that ))
I did 2 yes's cuz I thought they sucked in the end.

The bank episode wasn't that bad...
I find it funny Tongue

Theres been a debate in sweden lately, where people have been expressing their.... anger... about automatic phone systems, such as banks etc..
There's two by the way. But you would have known that. The thing is, at the time of writing it, it seemed absolutely hilarious. By the time I had finished and uploaded both parts, i had got really bored with the whole concept.

Well, it's great to see someone finds it funny. And Z!re, I hate pressing buttons after I dial too. I'd rather chat with a person. Computers don't have the means to fully understand what I say.

But a lot of humans don't either.

>anarky - Awake for 28 hours and counting.
Tongue I find it funny, and more funnier that after I read it, I had to click a button... btw, you do know that there is 2 yes's, not much choice don't ya think? :???: :rotfl:
I did that on purpose. I have no way of changing it now. I was really bored with the whole bank phone concept after doing them, I put them up and thought they really sucked. So that was the idea at the time. Luckily I gave people only two days to vote...

Umm... Edit Post> Update Poll Option?

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