Full Version: New Inspiration demo
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Because I have had a slow summer with updating my website I wanted to reassure everybody that I an still working on it. There are some really cool features in this one, the water is the newest edition (I wrote that yesterday). It again has some flaws and some of the flawed functions such as collision detection is still left out, thats all detailed in the Readme text file. Tell me what you think in my forum. Have fun.


Its on the Inspiration page
The pale blue on black on the forum page is almost impossible to read.

Otherwise, looks like an interesting website.
Great work there 8) But it crashes each time I walk into a wall :???:

It runs very smooth on my celeron 2.4 GHz, without glitches or flicker. Very well coded, indeed Tongue
I promise, the next demo will have flawless collision. I've done I think 6 complete rewrites of the collsion detection and each one gets closer to working right.