Full Version: New Version of SonicX
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Hey guys,

I have just finished the final qb version of SonicX. It has fourteen levels, Full sound implementation and moving enemies. This is the final qbasic release, as I have decided to write the rest of the code in FreeBasic. It was always going to be ported to Freebasic in any case, but I thought it would save time on my part if I converted the project now, rather than in three months time.

Download it at
Fileanchor.com? <---
Thanks for the tip Rattrapmax6.
Ok, the new version of SonicX can be downloaded from

What do you guys think of it?

Just remember you'll need to update that every 3months.. :wink:

<- Downloading now.....
Quote:Just remember you'll need to update that every 3months.. :wink:

<- Downloading now.....

Hosted at FBTK forever now:

here's the thread: http://fbtk.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=6688#6688

here's the file:

Darn.. crashes on my comp..... :x

Oh well.. screen shots look nice... :wink:
Thanks for the tb2k hosting, sumo.

Rattrapmax6, how did it crash?

Firstly, what's your system?

Did the menu come up, or did it crash before launching the menu?

If it crashed after the menu loaded, and you selected a level to play, then there may be a sound conflict. I may create a bugfix that lets you force sound to be disabled.

Alterntively, if it crashed before loading the menu, you may have an EMS problem.

Qb is so damn incompatible...