Full Version: QB express self appointed News Reporter ;-)
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Hi everyone,

Quite simply put, everyone knows there's alot of QB/FB stuff brewing before our very eyes. Not everyone however has time to completely report those events. Maybe not everyone really knows what to look for. Really depends. Here's what I'm willing to do. When you people do your everyday forum hoping, google for QB FB stuff and you happen to notice something that just might make the news. Email me at mystikshadows@gmail.com .

No you don't need to create a whole article on it, don't even need to create a paragraph. Send me a link. Give me a word up about what you saw. Just saying something like "Check this out" and I'll create the newsbrief. OF course these that give me the leads will be credited for their finds. Me, I'm just the humble reporter ;-).

Remember the email folks, mystikshadows@gmail.com Find anything about anything QB or FB related, be sure to give me a buzz.