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So we've been hearing a lot of people mention how files don't stay on FileAnchor and how they disappear. Maybe they have a link to something they want to keep there forever.

This was a restriction that we thought we needed in place to prevent us from filling our servers with useless garbage. We didn't really know how many files would end up on fileanchor and how large they would be.

As of today, this restriction is gone. Files/images that you upload to FileAnchor should remain there until you remove them yourself (only if you're a registered user that is).

We've also upped the maximum file upload to be the maximum storage limit. So now you can upload much larger files at once. This may not last depending on server response time while this is happening, but go ahead and try it out now.

Enjoy the hosting.
Cool.... Hope you have a nice size server tho, there are alot of programers around here,..... :wink:
hey i didn't know know you controlled FA. neat.
Sumo is kind of like kingpin, he controlls the Basic world Tongue and everything around it...

He's also my frieeeend.. hear that sumo.. frieeeend! Big Grin
Let see:

File Anchor
QBasic News

~What else?

Yeah... He has power over allot... Smile

@Z!re: You two have a falling out? :lol: ....
Quote:Sumo is kind of like kingpin, he controlls the Basic world Tongue and everything around it...

Really you could word it two ways. You could call me a kingpin or a fool that wastes his money on hosting rather than buy a new car.

Quote:@Z!re: You two have a falling out? :lol: ....

No, I just think Z!re wants something.

Have you thought about making a system whereby a downloader is directed to an intermediatry page that has the real link, and google adsense attached to it?

This way you could make some money off the people who are downloading the files.
1) It would be damned anoying.

2) People would still have to click the ads for us to get money, which they don't do anyway, except for those people we're whipping to do it.
Quote:No, I just think Z!re wants something.
My precious avatar =(

Anyways, I had an idea, sort of related to the avatar..

How about giving real image links for images? .JPG. PNG. BMP etc..
Well, maybe not real per say, but how about being able to make an alias? So you could hotlink the image from FA on a forum etc.. Not everyone support images that doesent end with fancy imgage filetype..
That's already supported.

You can add either .png, .gif, .jpeg, .jpg and maybe more, cant remember.

Like this:

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