Full Version: Sorry I haven't been here!
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I seriously have formated my computer over 10 times this past month! Anyone want to donate a computer to a worthy cause! 8) lol... I love this computer... and I hate it! Freezes all the time. I'll try and get on here more often now! talk to ya later Wildcard!
Fatal Error: Use Linux
lol... ya, but the freezing has to do with hardware! :roll: although Linux using less sys resources would fix most of that... but most games and web design programs aren't compatible... not to mention Linux is so freaking hard to set up!
It's easy to set up, and WINE allows you to use windows programs Smile
I souldn't whine! I figure that's what I'll do with this computer as soon as I get enough web design clients to pay for a new system... speeking of web design if anyone needs it http://webdesign.ultimateqb.com :bounce: lol... sry Wildcard enough spam!
hehe... but WINE doesn't run VB 5

*runs into corner and sobs uncontrollably*
Quote:hehe... but WINE doesn't run VB 5

*runs into corner and sobs uncontrollably*

Get VB 6.
WHOA! I thought you wuz the dude who couldn't stand VB, hated VB, etc... Big Grin
I have VB 3.0 all on floppies!!! :bounce: does that count???
Hehe... I've got the VB 3 Programmer's Guide and Language Reference sitting here on my bookshelf. Smile