Full Version: Blobworld: Episode 19 released!
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Stay tuned to this thread for more updates!

Latest episode: 19 - Budget Cuts.

After changing hosts I have problems with the account. Bear with me as I update. For now I will post here the new episodes as they happen.

Only 7 more episodes left for season 1 of TNI!

You know what to do...

Well Blobworld has some majpr news!

Click the link in the first post to see!
funny, just read the collection.
More updates with the original series.
Episode 15 out!
I just had a look over them, they're quite funny.

Have you ever seen Linux Zealot? I found them funny (although they're actually a piss-take of badly drawn comics), heres an example

[Image: zelburg4.JPG]
Not until now. But I didn't find that funny at all.


ahhahah... i thought that linux one was f___ing hilarious! especially the bag with "Swag" as a label XD!

oh and btw, anarky i liked #15 =)
I got 3 more coming over the next week or two!
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