Full Version: lithium.zext.net redesigned!
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the website is totaly PHP scripted, with an easy to use administration section. Also, I've got a few new files up there.[/url]
Hey Lithium! Great to hear that your site is back up. I expect good stuff from you!
Hi Lithium, got some interesting things on your downloads section :-). Good redesign..I remember seeing the old design, only once ;-).
Pretty cool... tho, the Prejects link is broken... :wink:
wb! Big Grin
wb! Big Grin
Thanks guys!

The project section doesn't exist, that's why the link is broken Smile I'll do it today as long as I don't get an email from my boss about work.

Also I'd like to announce a new project, it's called LDB, which simply stands for "Lithium's Data Base". It's a FreeBASIC library, which let's you merge multiple files into a single file, and access the inner files quickly, it's also going to support "Compiled INI files", which is basically just a venue for storing variables and quickly retrieving them from files in the database.

This is a small project as it stands, but I'm open to sujestions.
The current version doesent work, update is in the works..

Long time since I saw your name lithium, going to stick around?

Current version DOES work, source code just doesnt compile with fb.14.